Cane bedhead dreaming!

Things have (finally) settled down after the Weddings of 2012! Usually, you can tell I am feeling settled because I start wanting to do more…catch 22 really!

So, my latest thought is a bedroom mini makeover. I bought this bedhead for $5 (See how it says $10-I bought so much other stuff they let me have it for half price!)Image

We were very lucky to receive some money from Wedding guests as their gifts to us and have decided to put it towards a bed. We currently sleep on Michaels uni bed…it is old! This is how our room looks right now-it is a little dark!Image

And here is what I would like it to look like…


This bedhead can be bought for $390…YIKES!

Michael is not the biggest fan of cane so I need to integrate it as much as I can. I would love to have curtains like this too…Image

that may be pushing it though, do you think!?

pic 3 found here


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