Affordable or laughable?

Watching the news tonight there was a story about a real estate boom in Brisbane and Toowoomba. Apparently prices have risen promisingly (great for sellers) while remaining affordable (great for buyers). Now this sounds great, yes? Well they went on to say that ‘entry level properties’ were being snapped up by young couples and families around the early 800 thousand dollar mark.

Am I crackers in thinking this is not cheap? How in the hell are ‘young families’ affording these bargains!?

We are deliberately looking out of the city at properties that are not above 230K. Which (assuming we can get a mortgage) would see our repayments sit at around $400 a week. That to me is affordable. That would mean that we can still cover our bills, the kids extra curricular activities and have coffee/dinner/holidays without wanting to vomit at the debt we are swimming in.

Neither of us are interested in mansions, multiple bathrooms, cinema rooms, parents retreats. The things that attract us are big yards, room for bmx tracks, chooks, vege patches, fire pits and maybe even a goat. When you can get all of that 40 mins from the heart of the city for under $250K why wouldn’t you check it out?

On the note about ‘small’ housing The house that AM built posted a beautiful example yesterday that she found on Jessica Helgerson Interior Designs website. It is just perfect.




Cane bedhead dreaming!

Things have (finally) settled down after the Weddings of 2012! Usually, you can tell I am feeling settled because I start wanting to do more…catch 22 really!

So, my latest thought is a bedroom mini makeover. I bought this bedhead for $5 (See how it says $10-I bought so much other stuff they let me have it for half price!)Image

We were very lucky to receive some money from Wedding guests as their gifts to us and have decided to put it towards a bed. We currently sleep on Michaels uni bed…it is old! This is how our room looks right now-it is a little dark!Image

And here is what I would like it to look like…


This bedhead can be bought for $390…YIKES!

Michael is not the biggest fan of cane so I need to integrate it as much as I can. I would love to have curtains like this too…Image

that may be pushing it though, do you think!?

pic 3 found here

Setting my own pace.

As I skyped my lovely friend Candice today being ‘interviewed’ for Cosmopolitan Bride article as an ‘expert’ I realised I like to set my own pace. The little side job I took on for someone else was lovely (until it wasn’t-more on that later) but I wasn’t in charge of the speed. Working for yourself has the distinct advantage to being able to go fast, slow or somewhere in between. I am grateful to my Husband for working full time. It allows me to work at my own pace while balancing being a Mum. I really do prefer things to grow organically, you just never know where somethings are headed!Image

On a side note-how awesome is it that my friend is a writer for Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine (amongst others)!!

She’s just lovely!

Last Thursday my lovely friend Sarah put on facebook that Clare Bowditch was playing in Bangalow the very next day. I did know about her tour and had intended on buying tickets and having a little getaway for the night. However, getting Married became rather important and I forgot all about it. 

After a few comments and phonecalls we had (miraculously) organised a very last minute Mummy road trip!

I went into organisation overdrive around the house-there’s nothing like a big incentive to get all the housework done!

Friday afternoon saw us hit the road without either Husbands or any children….BLISS!

Clare was (as expected) sublime, lovely, beautiful & gracious. We lined up to meet her and have our freshly purchased CDs signed-it was quite thrilling! She was chatty and you really felt like she wanted to be talking with you. I told her that I had gotten married two weeks previously and walked down the ailse to her song ‘You make me happy’. She held both my hands, her face lit up when she congratulated me and thanked me for choosing her song! GAH! I could have melted! Even her husband congratulated and thanked me (he was her ‘security’ for the signings). 

For me, her appeal lies in her genuineness. You just know you could call her anytime and she would be willing to help (and I get the feeling she would be the friend that pre-empted you asking). So, thankyou Clare for a beautiful evening and thankyou Sarah for getting the ball rolling….what’s next!?

On a side note, I am loving having my fringe back!