This, I struggle with this…

This, I struggle with this...

Sometimes I feel bored, sometimes I feel overwhelmed but mostly I need to feel this.


oh pinterest!

I am a massive fan of Pinterest. Massive. It is a nice way to get a bit of escapism without spending any money! I (of course) have a board for house stuff-a girl can dream right!?

This pic is from a house for sale…


This pic is how I can see the room-thankyou pinterest! (You can see the whole room here)

ImageWhat do you think? Might have to start the hunt for a green sofa!

You can find me at Pinterest if you search ‘mythreeandme’ Are you a ‘pinner’?

Ice Skating!

Last Saturday night my Brothers took us ice skating. We had a cracker of a time! I had forgotten how much fun it is (and how cold it is!). The little boys did a great job, there were a few falls but no tears-win! They loved watching the games as well where the really good skaters play red rover etc and were asking when we could go back before we had even finished.

ImageThese penguin buddies were $5 each to hire and helped the boys to get their balance before going it alone. I must remember to take gloves next time, my poor fingers didn’t warm up and they became quite painful!

ImageThanks Brothers, we all had a great time-next time it’s on us!


Ta da!

Here it is on the bed! He loves it as much as I do (phew!).


On another fun note, the boys are really getting into draughts. Fox is not a very good student (yet) but the older two are enjoying playing each other and Grandparents when they get the chance.


Frozen coke FTW!

I gave in on the self imposed no soft drink ban for some frozen coke at Hungry Jacks the other day. Fox was having a grand old time with his Grandies so he older boys and I sat in the air-con and gulped through these. The boys ran off the sugar in the playground while I read the paper. Cheap entertainment when the cokes are $1!

ImageI suggest you try it!

I got it on the special!

Yesterday we took a trip to Carindale to get some new doona covers. In this heat though the thought of Doonas is a little vomitous! Adairs always has great sales and I have been keeping an eye on these babies for a while and as Grandma would always say (with great pride) ‘I got it on the special’. I think my catchprase is fast becoming ‘You never have to pay full price for anything!’

So the twins will be snuggling underneath these beauties come the cooler weather:

ImageThankfully they like them (I was worried they may think them a little girly). They are getting a little old for the ones they currently have so those will now be washed, folded and shipped off to lifeline. We had a quick look in target as well and found covers for Digby and the spare bed. Imagine this one in yellow, grey and white (I will show you when it is on the bed).


And chevrons seem to be a bit of a theme around here lately-no one seems to be complaining though…


I am looking forward to getting into some sewing once the boys head back to school-namely cot sheets. I am thinking of making some for Fox like this:


I have a super cute Fox stamp that I bought before he was even born and oodles of fabric paint, so I might give that a go on some home made sheets. I shall peruse the fabric section for a suitable doona cover as well. Ah, the promise of empty days and quiet time is making me slightly light headed!


Well, well, well. The last week of the school holiday is here. That seemed to go fast! We have school shoes, books, bags, socks and lunch boxes at the ready. I do have to go in to school to get the boys a new shirt each to top up their current stock but apart from that I am feeling sorted (and ready) for them to go back.

We spent last week on a road trip to Toowoomba, Roma, Bribie Island, Wamuran and then home. I will be back out in Roma to be in charge of a Wedding as well as do the flowers.  I am really looking forward to it! The boys got in the spirit of country living. Digby wasn’t as keen as the others-obviously.


School shoe shopping was done at DFO, the Nike outlet was having a great sale of 40% off the sale price. A couple of the boys got two pairs seeing as they were such a good price.


Digby had his Birthday on the 12th Jan. We are now parents of a 9 year old! He requested Sizzler for breakfast and we obliged-it was quite nice with no scolding (thanks boys!)


His Birthday loot included a nerf gun, mine craft and a cushion I made for him. He was very happy bless him.

And now we are back to the heat. It is HOT. We have been holed up in our room in front of the portable air con dashing out only for food and bathroom breaks. The house kind of looks deserted when I go out. I am planning on getting some much needed housework done this evening (if it cools down!). I am also putting together a list of things I want to do when the boys are back at school…weekday movie anyone?