I bumped into a school Mum at the shopping centre last week. The conversation was pretty standard ‘Hi! How are you? Busy?’ My reply was ‘No actually-I have been saying no to things lately and it is lovely!’ 

She looked at me like I had just grown another head and didn’t know what to say-the conversation ended there.

It was odd!

I have really been pulling back by saying no to things that I normally would have said yes to-I don’t think though that I was a huge yes girl before. People often say ‘oh you have four kids you must be soooo busy!’ Well, I guess so in the everyday sense but I don’t find that overwhelming. We seem to be moving in a manageable rhythm-that has taken a while to get to and I am hanging on to it for a while.

I truly believe you are as busy as you want to make yourself. The boys only started soccer this year and Digby does cubs. They have training once a week and a game on Saturday and Digby has cubs once a week (with camps etc thrown in but always with plenty of notice). That is enough-I already hang out for Wednesday when there is no-where we have to be! 

Why is it being ‘busy’ is held up as a good thing? I looked for a funny meme about busy Mums but they mostly just pissed me off (working mum vs. stay at home mum etc-which is bullshit) so instead here is a bathroom inspiration picture that I can’t get out of my mind lately!



I found this beauty over at La la lovely a daily read of mine!

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