I love baking. Truly! I love cooking for the people I love (even the people I just like 😉 However, I am not great at the everyday baking. The boys are ravenous when they get home from school so it was time to get my arse into gear and sort that shit out.

Enter Lunchlady AKA:Kate

I have been following her BF Rohan (AKA: Whole Larder Love) for quite a while which of course led me to Kate. She started blogging about food last year when her daughter was being bullied for taking homemade food to school for lunch. Her aim is to build a supportive community to share recipes and help each other with the daily task of feeding our families. Great, no!?

She has motivated me to stop buying shapes in packets and stuff the boys lunch boxes with great simple things I have made. First cabs of the rank were bread rolls, Anzac biscuits and a banana cake. 

The boys were very happy with their treats and I was hooked. I was up before them all and it was delightful. Cup of tea in hand, radio on I baked and warmed the kitchen and filled the vintage cake tins that usually just hang out in the cupboard. 

I cannot recommend it enough. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be edible-go on, get baking!



The other plus was there was enough for the next day! I think jam drops and raspberry slice might be next…I hope you might be swayed into getting your baking on as well!

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