Pinewood derby day!

Wikipedia tells us that the first Pinewood derby was run on May 15, 1953 at the Scout House in California. The idea came from their pack leader whose son was too young to participate in the Soapbox derby. Clever. In May 2005, the Boy Scouts of America registered Pinewood Derby as an official trademark-serious business!

Last Sunday was Pinewood derby day for Digbys cub pack! Digby and Michael have been working on the car for a few weeks now and were both excited to see how their creation would fare against the others.

We converged on the scout hut which really is a tin shed with some insulation. It was HOT to say the least. The parents retreated outside to catch some of the breeze while the cubs, scouts and leaders weighed, registered and prepared to race.

It is of course a nerds heaven with an intense track and a timing system to rival the olympics. The rules are 3 pages long friends-this is not for the feint hearted!

I was asked to be a judge in the intermission. I was the only female and didn’t really get much of a say (Men and Women really are different, no!?). Anyway we came to a decision, trophies were handed out, tears were shed.

Digbys speedy piece of wood came 9th out of 41-he was chuffed!






Do you pinewood derby?


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