I got it on the special!

Yesterday we took a trip to Carindale to get some new doona covers. In this heat though the thought of Doonas is a little vomitous! Adairs always has great sales and I have been keeping an eye on these babies for a while and as Grandma would always say (with great pride) ‘I got it on the special’. I think my catchprase is fast becoming ‘You never have to pay full price for anything!’

So the twins will be snuggling underneath these beauties come the cooler weather:

ImageThankfully they like them (I was worried they may think them a little girly). They are getting a little old for the ones they currently have so those will now be washed, folded and shipped off to lifeline. We had a quick look in target as well and found covers for Digby and the spare bed. Imagine this one in yellow, grey and white (I will show you when it is on the bed).


And chevrons seem to be a bit of a theme around here lately-no one seems to be complaining though…


I am looking forward to getting into some sewing once the boys head back to school-namely cot sheets. I am thinking of making some for Fox like this:


I have a super cute Fox stamp that I bought before he was even born and oodles of fabric paint, so I might give that a go on some home made sheets. I shall peruse the fabric section for a suitable doona cover as well. Ah, the promise of empty days and quiet time is making me slightly light headed!


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