It has been so hot these past few days that it has been hard even to think. Anything of importance has been shelved so we can go swimming-which isn’t a bad way to pass the time. Even the nights have been brutal. One of the boys has night terrors when he gets overheated so the last few nights have been punctuated by crying and yelling.

On New Years Day we went for a drive out to Redcliffe. It was lovely-and so close for a beach swim, I think we will head there more this year!

So while the temperature continues to climb, fans are going 24/7 and I am wishing for air conditioning. On the way home from the market this morning I saw a runner throwing up on the side of the river…

Stay cool and drink lots of water and get yourself to a pool if you can or even just a bath!

( I am considering throwing the boys in the car and driving to Toowoomba to Mum & Dads just to be in the air-con. We would at least get a good nights sleep!)



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