How you feel…

A friend of mine asked me to accompany her to a photo-shoot today. She has lost an amazing 20kg using lite n’ easy and she looks fantastic! She had submitted a before and after pic and was contacted to be in one of their magazines-how exciting!

I tagged along and sort of hung out in the background. 

The ‘set’ which was a house they had rented for the day was AMAZING. I cannot imagine living in a house like it-it was huge and while I do want more space, that kind of space makes me a little nauseous. It truly felt like ‘how the other half live’. 

What the shoot did remind me of was the fickleness of the ‘creative’ industry. There was only one guy who was interested in chatting-and while I absolutely did not belong there it was nice to be talked to and have my name remembered. I think subconsciously I have pulled back from more work of my own because of the same feelings I got today. 

I HATE the shallowness of it all, it leaves me with a sick feeling-I want to hide away and not come out for a while. I am more interested in the people than the situation. Sometimes I wonder if people know that about me because I can come across as obsessed with pretty things. Anyway, this is what kept popping into my head…





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