Some days are diamonds…

This was my Facebook status last night…

‘sometimes just gives up and sits on the lounge room floor in a towel while the chaos rages on and my Husband cooks dinner’

Ain’t that the truth. I just couldn’t seem to get my shit together yesterday. There is so much to tidy, clean, organise and I just walked from each room looking at ALL THE STUFF. The words ‘Some days are diamonds’ kept repeating in my mind but I couldn’t go on with the rest ‘some days are pearl’ it was more ‘some days are shit’.

Today I have decided just to focus on one area. I will clean, tidy, organise & tart up one area a day-that way I can look at it in the evening and remind myself that it is ok to not have it ALL together EVERY day.


I wasn’t wanting to stab anyone yesterday, more ignore people.

Today is laundry day. That room is sparkling right now! I am thinking about putting some flowers in there as well, just because!

For now I am sitting watching my fave kids show The Koala Brothers-LOVE!


I could sit and watch this show all day! 


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