More space, I beg of you!

I have become rather creative at storage but I feel I have reached the end of my tether. I am so so sick of moving this, that and the other thing to get to the thing I want. I am sick of our tiny verandah housing not only toys but empty beer bottles awaiting re-filling, camping stuff and rarely worn shoes. I am sick of having to unstack a sky high pile of things to reach the bottom item. I am sick of having to walk a careful path to the garage through the internal stairs because it is filled with out of season stuff…ARGH!!!!!!!!

I have (and continue to) work bloody hard to rid us of unnecessary crap but I am starting to realise that a family of 6 does have quite a bit of necessary bits and pieces.

We have all the paperwork required for a mortgage application now I am just waiting on  another mortgage broker to call me back! 

I have also misplaced something that was loaned to me. I took it to Toowoomba to be returned by my Mum and it seems it has gone missing-making me CRAZY!!!!! It can be replaced, but of course that is not the point. Note to self-ALWAYS RETURN THINGS PERSONALLY! 

On a less stressful (and far less annoying note) how lovely is this display I came across at Freedom yesterday!? A few Brides I have had the pleasure of knowing over the past few years would have loved to find this instead of scouring the world for the same thing I am sure!

ImageHow do you deal with lack of storage!?


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