This past weekend was a mixture of lovely things! Friday night saw my lovely sister in law go into serious labour. Many text messages were sent between us both giving progress reports from their end and support from ours. Saturday morning I woke to the most joyous news that I was an Aunty to the gorgeous Matilda Grace!!! To say I was excited was an understatement-I could not wait to get up the hill to give them all a big hug and take in that glorious new born smell. 

ImageShe is 6pd 11ounces of perfection, and her Mama did an amazing job (and her Daddy…who happens to be my Brother 😉

Before we could meet the newest addition to our Family we headed off to a surprise party for a dear friend of Michael’s. Her Husband had organised a soiree for her 40th Birthday (bless him!). We got the bus into Southbank and had a delicious dinner at the Next door kitchen bar. I highly recommend a visit-the food was fantastic (and GF!) and the drinks were amazeballs…the Jersey city fish house punch was a winner-being 10 standard drinks in a large milk bottle may have something to do with my affection for it.

Sunday saw the boys attend their first model call…more on that later! For now, I am trawling the interwebs for pretty little girl things to give to Matilda!

I hope your weekend was just as lovely xo



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