Groundhog day…

I don’t find Motherhood hard. I do however find it can just be mind numbingly repetitive! Tidy, clean, wash, cook, clean, sleep, breakfast, make lunches, send kids to school, tidy, clean, wash, cook…repeat, repeat, repeat!

That is of course why people have friends and hobbies. Friends to catch up with for coffee/cake/lunch. Hobbies to help keep your mind sharp. 

Sometimes I get stuck in the mindset of ‘I will get to that sewing/calligraphy/reading when the house is COMPLETELY SHIP SHAPE’. Now, let’s face it, that is rare!

Lately it seems to be working better when I compartmentalise my day. 

Housework and Mum stuff until the boys head off to school (Michael usually drops them off in the morning) then shower-then whatever I want…sewing, calligraphy, reading or just sitting on my arse and watching tv. By the time 1 O’Clock rolls around it is time for lunch and the downhill slide to 3 when I collected the critters from school then we head into homework and dinner territory before the bedtime chaos. Not every day is the same (of course) but that for now seems to be working. It is also helping the washing to get done every day and not leave it all until we can’t walk through the laundry!

For now, the mind numbing repetition seems to be being kept at bay….how do you break up your day?Image



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