Easing into it.

More thought on the ‘working vs not working’ debate. I think I have come to the conclusion to ease into it…

It’s not as if I have to announce it to the world! I have spent time decluttering and shedding stuff, organising the linen cupboard, cooking, baking, sewing and planning. I really have felt more at ease and happy with my choice and I have noticed that the general running of things has become a little easier as well.

On Saturday night I went to a fun little 1950’s street party. I dressed up and wandered around without children-so enjoyable! It made me think about the choices we have as Women lucky enough to live in Australia in 2013. We can choose to dress how we like (in this case just like a 1950’s housewife) and not have to stay at home. We can choose. Is that what the feminist movement perhaps set out to acheive-to have a choice?


That is what I would like to think…now back to some sewing and baking. Apple pie anyone?


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