Getting through the grown up stuff!

Today felt like a super grown up day…until I ended up on the couch under the doona!

Started off with a skin check (all good there) then a blood test, paperwork drop off to the accountant and I found a JP to sign off numerous identity checks. I then Headed to the returns counter at Woolworths (didn’t even feel nervous-win!) and bought new school shoes and bags for the boys. Far out.

I came home and was knackered-hence the couch laying and doona hugging!

More thought on the work vs. not work debate. I have to say even mulling over it has made me calmer-not sure why. I have also started looking at the school the boys may attend if we do move. I mentioned it to my Mother-in-Law…she is not keen on the idea (We live just around the corner so it would be a change in the amount she gets to see the boys). 

Of course that is a consideration but we also need to make the decision for our little brood. 

On another note, I have my sewing machine taking up permanent residency on our dining table. I have been churning out cushion covers and plan to move on to some Christmas bunting next…not that long till the festive season really!

I would like to make something like this for Fox for next Summer…any pattern suggestions?




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