So confusing!

This week I have only wanted to be at home. I have had no compulsion to leave-all I want to do is nest. No, I am not pregnant.

I keep thinking about ‘work’ and whether or not to pursue it. There are seemingly endless opportunities to get involved. Sometimes I am super keen, other times not. Every man and his dog seem to be ‘stylists’ now-that can be exhausting as well!

To tell the absolute truth after a while of not ‘working’ I feel guilty. On the other hand I kind of get annoyed when people call me ‘Supermum’ when I do ‘work’…confusing, no!?

I do feel very grateful to my Husband for NEVER telling me to go one way or the other. Working for myself gives me ultimate flexibility of course but along with that is ultimate responsibility which can be suffocating.

Is it enough to keep my finger in the pie while also maintaining our home and raising these boys?

How do you deal with the conflicting emotions that come with being a Mother?

On another note my mind has been on buying a house-we are both very keen on Rosewood and I reckon we should have this nook (I would love to send My Michael off to work with a proper coffee in a gorgeous travel mug!)




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