making it pretty

We live in a small house. For the most part it makes me a little crazy. But I am starting to appreciate the minute-ness of it. It has forced me to cull-constantly. I am making more conscious decisions about what comes in. I have been brutal of late getting rid of those things that ‘I might use one day’. I constantly remind myself that we are lucky to have a house and we are lucky to have each other-the rest is just cream.

Having said that I do not for one second believe that the things I choose to be in my house shouldn’t make me happy. It is (always) about the pretty-ALWAYS.

I attended a calligraphy workshop today hosted by Lulu Lucky. It.was.heaven. I thought I may cry from happiness! It felt truly indulgent to be sitting handwriting.

As I sat there learning how to do flourishes I thought about making my house prettier and even more practical for my little tribe. I plan to cull more useless crapola and either not replace it or replace it with something both functional and pretty.

First item to be replaced with care are our drinking glasses. We have had a mish mash of cheap and easily broken cups for a while and after smashing one too many we were down to 1…I have bought 4 of these crinkle cups for us to sip our beverages out of.


Have you replaced anything lately?


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