Getting grown up and stuff…

There is this ad on TV at the moment going on about Superannuation. Every time I see it I am reminded that I am an adult and I really need to get my shit together. Actually, Michael and I need to get OUR shit together. We keep talking about wills, powers of attorneys, advanced health directives, superannuation, house ownership…the list goes on an on! People all around us seem to have it all nutted out and conducting seriously grown up lives.

Now, you may think-jeepers lady, you have 4 kids…that is adult. Yeah. It is. But I must admit with the 3 older boys I tend to feel like their big sister a lot of the time. That is not to say I don’t Mother them but as they get older and we have more grown up conversations I feel like we are in this together. 

Super is one of those things that I keep thinking, hell, we have ages to get that going-when of course in reality we don’t. We went looking at some houses today and I found some odd things coming out of my mouth. ‘How do we register as bidders?’ ‘This is our budget…are we in the game?’ ‘What is the zoning for this property’ I think my (minimal) experience showed and made me look all grown up and stuff.

I really do like the saying ‘Fake it till you make it’. I think we just have to remember there is a whole lot of that going on and perhaps some times admit it to others-you never know, you just might brake the ice and make a friend.

On a side note we found ourselves at Lake Manchester after our house inspection. It is a beautiful piece of Queensland! There is a little hall that I may very well give my eye teeth to live in…going to call the council tomorrow and see what I can find out!

This is not the best photo of it but the only one I could find-my phone had gone flat!




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