Lord Fox!

When it rains, it pours, right!? Fox’s party was all planned for a local park with multiple playgrounds, toilets and fences but alas it has rained every day for the past two weeks so we had to think of a plan B. We threw around a few ideas and ended up settling on Michael’s Mums house-bless her!

There was an obscene amount of guests invited…49 adults and 33 kids. Yeah. I. Know.

Anyway we all managed to fit and it wasn’t too cosy, people had a good time and the party boy was happy being passed around and showing off his new trick-walking!!!





IMG_5530As the party died down, our Brother in law walked in the door. Now, normally this would be nothing to report BUT Brandon and his wife (Michael’s sister) live in LONDON!!! So, of course it was quite a surprise to have him hand deliver Fox his present. He was home for a very good friends 30th. Fox is now a landowner in Scotland! So that officially makes him a Lord-AWESOME PRESENT!!!!!


I am glad to be just pottering around the house tidying up after a busy weekend- hope your weekend was lovely and you spent it with the ones you love!


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