What a week!

Last week I was out every single night! Here’s how it went down…

Monday: Swing dance class (Awesome)

Tuesday: P&C AGM & General meeting (We all know how that went…)

Wednesday: Parent information sessions for Grade 1 & 3 (Ah, year 1 learns algebra and year 3 is naplan-who knew!?)

Thursday: Valentines dinner with a lovely lady friend of mine who I do not see enough (Again, AWESOME!)

Friday: I was meant to go out but was feeling rather poorly so I hit the sack at about 7 knackered with a scratchy throat.

It was all too much I tells ya! I needed the weekend to recover because I am old, clearly.

This week I have reined it in to 2 nights out as well as a quick trip to the sunshine coast to check out the new digs of my lovely lovely friend. Oh, I have also managed to scratch and dent the car…

ImageSo as a fun outing this afternoon I will be taking all the boys to the ‘approved insurance panel beater’ and then returning home in a taxi paid for by suncorp-wooo!

I know, i know, you should be jealous!

While being driven home, I shall be dreaming of living here…


 La Cresonniere is in France and Gabrielle Blair and her family currently live there until their return to America in July. Swoon!


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