Hold on to your hat…

Tonight I shall attend the P&C AGM. I intend on putting my hand up to organise the fete. I fully realise it is a MASSIVE job. MASSIVE. That being said, we need a new direction for the fete. Fetes are quite competitive these days and we are lagging behind! Check out my school fete pinterest board for some insight into my ideal carnival atmosphere…Image

I am keen to get a vintage vibe going (of course!). We need to investigate an onsite ATM, more toilets and great entertainment (amongst many other things!). I am currently on the job of securing lots of milk crates to use as seating for a ‘satellite cafe’. I have already spoken to a fab new cafe ‘The Single Guys’ about a coffee cart as well as our tuckshops supplier of milk to possibly sponser a milkshake bar and loan us the milk crates. I will be putting my hand up also to recruit people for many jobs. I am all about delegating-I am not a martyr (and I do have a busy home life!). What would bring you to a fete if you don’t have kidlets at the school? I am all ears!


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