so very tired!

I find tantrums exhausting. Beau showed off his spectacular skill at school this afternoon. You can always tell when he is tired. The slightest thing will see him howling for ages! What set the wheels in motion today was his waterbottle. I bought the boys new ones yesterday. Today instead of picking it up and putting it in his bag he kicked it, sending it flying across the concrete. I retrieved it and told him he would not get it back until he started respecting his belongings. Well, didn’t he squeal!? 

It went on and on. Thankfully most people had vacated the school but there were a few lingerers that got a full show. Fun times. 

Oh and I got to meet our acting principal (who will be ours for 6 months). I have to give him kudos for not letting it ruffle him at all-he was even sympathetic commenting that Beau looked tired. I am looking forward to possibly working with him on the school fete-he seems cool, calm and collected.

To top off my day I am sitting surrounded by laundry. It is all done it just needs to make its way to rooms….too tired!

Meanwhile the tantrum thrower has passed out with his flat DVD player (it has been flat for days, not sure what he was doing with his earphones on!)



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