No more orange curtains!

About 2 years ago we crammed our whole house contents into 3 rooms. Our landlords (AKA my in-laws) had decided to renovate. It was exciting because the house really needed work-it was less exciting to pack up! It was odd because we had no idea how it would look when it was finished. I was super jazzed to never see the carpet or the orange curtains EVER AGAIN!!!

See what I mean?



After 8 LONG weeks of building, re-building and fixing we were able to move back in. It was a big job to pull everything out again and quite a bit of time was spent putting felt on the bottom of every piece of furniture. We bought a new couch and this is what it looks like today.


The recliners are todays addition. They were Michaels Grandfathers so hold a lot of sentimentality. He had them refurbished and recovered to return them to their former glory. I have been wanting some extra seating for a while and was happy to let him have a win in the furniture department…speaking of the couch was his choice as well!


Are you a sentimental furniture keeper?


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