Your application will be unsuccessful…

Well Christmas came and went along with New Year. Is it just me or does it seem a long time ago already!? 

Two weeks before Christmas we applied to rent a house on 10 acres in the lovely suburb of Brookfield. It was a cottage that looked as though it was straight from Country Style. I (of course) had already moved in in my head even before we sent off the applications! We were the only applicants so I was feeling good about it. 

We heard nothing. Radio silence. I finally manned up and called them. I was told that our application would not be successful as our property manager told them we were ‘messy tenants’. 

I cried. A lot.

After much discussion and a good nights sleep we came to the conclusion that the owner of the property most likely had another reason (4 rowdy boys perhaps!?) to not want us as their tenant. But, let me tell you if you want to get to me tell me I am messy. Honestly. I am house proud and being told that we were ‘messy’ gutted me. I was so angry that some young, childless Woman decided to pass judgement 4 weeks after I had had a new baby on the state of my house (not to mention I let her in with no notice so she wouldn’t be inconvenienced and have to come back!). 

So, tell me. Would being told by some stranger that you were an unfit tenant because there were dishes in your sink, washing on your bed and toys on the floor make you see red?

One day when we own our own home I shall swan about in my messiness and smile that I will never have to have a property inspection ever again. I may even invest in a bathroom just like this beauty.



Vanessa Partridge is one lucky lady!



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