Laundry system plan…

Like all families, we have a lot of washing…a lot! We have been trying out a few different systems of late. None of which seem to be working! Our latest plan is to have a bag for each person. On our way to the party yesterday afternoon we stopped off at IKEA to suss out some cheap bags. The boys enjoyed a $1 hotdog before we joined the masses looking at swedish storage solutions-man oh man sundays at IKEA are hideous!

We have also been talking about putting pebbles over the garden bed at our entry way then plonking some pot plants on top-what do you think of these-they come in pink too!

We will put something that is impossible to kill in them-any suggestions? Now, back to the laundry bag hunt-we found these…

Everybody now has their own bag (with a communal bag for uniforms). I have given up folding the boys things-honestly it makes me nuts when I go in to find clothes strewn from one end of their room to the other! I shall keep you posted on the viability of the bags! How do you manage your laundry!?


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