In support of independent children…

Most mornings I awake to the sound of the older 3 making their own breakfast. I  let go of the annoyance of a little mess when I realised this was no longer a task I had to do for them! The problem though is I buy 3L bottles of milk. They are heavy! It can of course end one of two ways…spilled or with very very full cereal bowls-resulting in wasted milk! I did buy a 1L bottle to decant milk into but it was still a bit large for little hands. Imagine my excitement when I came across these (It’s about the small things people!).

Did I hear you say ‘Erin, these would  be perfect for your boys to make their own breakfast with!?’ My reply to you is ‘Why yes, I shall buy them one each immediately!’ Milk problem in the Devey-Davis house-solved!

Want some? Sweet Lulu has some fantastic things for you to spend your pocket money on!


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