I am not the maid!

The boys have watched ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ a few times now and they quite like it. I like that it isn’t cartoony and the storyline is ‘be nice to your Mother’! We seem to be having some heated discussions about why they have to help out around the house and ‘why can’t you just do it’!?. I hear myself saying ‘I am not the maid’ a lot-it may be the catch-cry of 2012 around here.

I am not the kind of parent who does everything for my children. I want them to be independent and confident. I see no reason why they can’t help with the everyday running of the house (that they live in!). A very wise woman once told me ‘never clean the house while the kids are sleeping. It will give them no comprehension of how hard you work to maintain the house-they will think it is magic!’ So, while I still occasionally utilise that quiet time to get things in order I mostly try to involve the boys in the tidying, folding, cleaning and meal prep. It is not always easy and can end in screaming matches but you know what, that is part of being in a family too!

Next time I am helping them make their beds I would love to see these sheets…


how could they not make you smile! This quilt would be pretty fab as well…


Bedding has come a long way since I slept in a single bed!

Do you have the same ‘discussions’ with your children? I am thinking of starting a star chart with rewards…any suggestions?


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  1. I think you are doing a good job Erin. Getting the boys to help around the house is the way to go. It may seem hard now but it will pay off in the end.

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