Sewing lately

I am doing a spot of sewing today. We are attending a Wedding in November and it is semi-formal. I am making a top with this as inspiration…

I have borrowed a pattern from my Mother in law that is exactly the same as the top and I will just add the double peplum. After looking at many many rolls of fabric yesterday I settled on this one…

I am hoping it looks a little bit like a Cue top. I think I will pair it with a black pencil skirt, have my hair up and wear some fabulous vintage earrings…yes?

9 times out of 10 I am uninspired after a trip to Spotlight but yesterday there seemed to be a huge amount of things I would liked to have brought home with me! I am on the hunt for the perfect lace as well after seeing this pic taken by the lovely Natalie McComas (our Wedding photographer)

Those Bridesmaids shorts are GORGEOUS! I am thinking Christmas parties in lace shorts will be a go this year!?



  1. Ooh! I know these guys! Small world. Lovely blog by the way. I went and saw Clare in Brisbane. I’d like to be her when I grow up (which I will get around to eventually… growing up that is, not being Clare)

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