Life is what you make it.

As I sit in our bedroom I can hear next doors lunch party. The smell of a sumptuous lunch floating our way is making me hungry. This is not unusual I guess-people entertain for lunch all the time.

The difference here is our neighbour is dying.

He has cancer and has been given a rather grave outlook. A couple of weeks ago he was rushed into surgery to have a brain tumour (a ‘side effect of his cancer’) removed. The Monday after our Wedding we took them some cake and one of the bouquets to have in the house. We stayed for over an hour chatting and were treated to pictures of their Wedding some 30 years ago. I loved seeing them re-tell stories that had perhaps not been thought about is quite a long time.

We went to visit yesterday as well and have been put on the help roster. Not only is he sick but his beautiful wife fell recently and gave herself a nasty concussion. So, neither of them can drive and tasks around the house have become a little overwhelming.

Sitting here today listening to the glorious laughter you wouldn’t guess that such a trying time is being had. They have chosen to embrace their friends and family and go down fighting and loving. There is something to be said for facing up to your reality and almost saying ‘try as you might, you won’t get me down’. I hope that should I ever have to face a similar situation I will remember their courage and be able to summon some of my own.


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