I dropped my baby onto a brick path…

Today, I dropped Fox.

I was walking with him to the clothesline and I tripped. He rolled out of my clutches and hit the brick path face down. Kind of like a belly flop only not onto water.

He started screaming (of course) and as I picked him up I saw blood on his tiny little face. I thought I might throw up (that is my natural reaction to horrible situations). I brought him inside, cleaned his face and the realised he was no longer crying but rather drowsy, his little eyes rolling back in his head. I rang our doctor surgery and burst into tears. It was awful telling a stranger what had just happened. 

We made it to the surgery in record time and were ushered straight in to see the Doctor. Both the nurse and the doctor were delightful and the nurse even made me a cup of tea. They were very reassuring that it was an accident and not to be too hard on myself. We were given the all clear after having him checked over and being observed for about an hour-I was glad to head home. 

So after a rather eventful afternoon, Fox is asleep and fine. He spent the rest of the afternoon smiling, giggling and playing like normal. 

I am thankful for small mercies and will no longer be wearing thongs while nursing him! 

On a side note, I have no doubt I will spend more time in that surgery and possibly the hospital with all these boys. I am sure though that the feeling of wanting to throw up will never go away!




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