The hunt begins

We have officially started the house hunt! Hurrah!!! Now let me just preface this statement with the fact that while it has started it will not become seriously serious until after the Wedding. Keen as I am to move I am not at all keen to do it before we throw a massive party for 100 of our nearest and dearest!

We headed out to the sleepy hamlet of Rosewood on Saturday to check out a 4 bedroom ‘renovator’ for $179,500K. Too good to be true you say…yep! It has a structural crack and would be bought as is-meaning no building and pest etc. (It is a mortgagee sale). Now, I know our limitations and that particular house would exceed them! Also this was the back yard-apparently there used to be a pool, now there is a hole full of crap..

Apart from being a pain to get rid of there is not enough room down either side of the house to get a digger in so we would be wheelbarrowing that delightful mess out…yeah, no thanks!

So, not to be discouraged we went on a little tour of the town earmarking nice streets. I stopped and had a chat to a lovely older gentleman ‘Tom’ who is in the middle of a cosmetic reno on a gorgeous little chamfer board house.

Tom is a real estate agent from Jandowae and keeps an eye on the market for any potential bargains. We had a good old chin wag about good parts of town and which areas to avoid. He also informed me which parts of town flood and what time the trains start and finish. I must say chatting with him made me like Rosewood even more. I am not afraid of meeting new people and I do like a good natter-growing up in the Devey family as well as a country town has made sure of that!

So, while the hunt has started it is slow and after a wander around the shops today I have been feeling the need to redecorate around here. I finally got some family prints done and took them to the newsagent to photocopy…

For $8 I got 20 pictures blown up to A4 size. This is now the art feature on the wall next to the TV-cheap and easy=winner! I got a picture of each of the boys blown up as well and have stuck them on their bedroom wall-they think they are great!

Do you get ‘itchy feet’ when it comes to house decor?



  1. Gosh, I really hope you don’t find your dream house in the weeks leading up to the wedding – that would be intense. But I’m so happy to hear the community has a lovely vibe. I just know that you’re going find a great house that you can make into the home of your dreams.

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