Colourful kindy…yes please!

I am often asked where I will be sending the boys to high school…um, Digby is in grade 2 and the twins in prep, so, nope, that ain’t on my mind (should it be?) I am interested however in where Fox will go to Kindy. I am thinking if we lived in France this would be high on my list of possibilities (and just to put it out there living in France is HIGH on my family to do list!).

The Ecole Maternel Pajol in Paris is just delightful!

How could you not have a fantastic time in that area! I think I mostly appreciate the considered architecture in the location. When you look past the colour is is really a big brick box in a built up area but with clever use of design you can see beyond the oppressive nature of the location.

Thanks Design Mom for showing me and The cool hunter for showing it to her šŸ™‚



  1. LOL, I’m about to put Hudson on the waiting list for Chiselhurst preschool in tmbar, it’s the preschool I went to and I loved it. It’s an old converted queenslander surrounded by natural gardens which are like make believe wonderlands. He’ll be down for 2017 – seems like such a long time away. What are the kindys like in Rosewood?

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