Blog burnout…

So, this isn’t the only blog I write. I also put up pretty pictures over at Vera & Rose but lately I just haven’t been feeling it over there. I look and look for pretty things to post but really when it comes down to it I enjoy looking at other peoples more than posting on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE weddings, parties, anything (ha) but I just feel flooded with pretty pictures. It seems that every Bride is now a blogger and there is a lot of things being repeated. I just can’ I also don’t think I will be missed over there…perhaps it is time to put that blog on hiatus?

Anyway, on the home front we got a new hot water system today. It is a whopper! Our landlords AKA Michaels parents organised for it to go in and hopefully it should fix the lack of hot water issue (I really hope it does, I don’t fancy dealing with more plumbers and explaining the situation again and again!). The housework is ever present and my list of to dos grows daily..I don’t even bother writing it down anymore-just as easy keeping it in my head!

Speaking of the in-laws, they are having Fox for the day tomorrow. Michaels Dad works away and hasn’t seen his first Grandson in a little while. I offered that if they would like to spend some time with him they are most welcome. It does kind of feel odd offering my child but they understand what I mean. I don’t know what I will do…honestly I will probably lay on the couch and do nothing! Ah, the life of a parent! Give them the option and they will choose slovenly pursuits over all others!

I have another sewing project on my table-will take some pics and show you but for now my bed is calling me (as is my iPad for some viewing of GCB…Great Christian Bitches…rather fun new tv show).

Here is my latest sewing achievement. I am really pleased with how this turned out-I might even attempt to take it in at the top of the zip (evidently I am wider around my waist than my shoulders….).

What have you been doing lately?


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