Let Dads be Dads!

I read an interesting article recently about letting Dads be Dads. Apparently as Mothers we tend to jump in straight away when something is going down with our bebes without letting our partner have a go at solving the problem. I admit I am guilty of this sort of behaviour. 

When the boys and I started hanging out with Michael I was super good at running the show. It was me and the boys against the world (with my family as co-pilots). As our relationship progressed Michael would occasionally hang with the boys one on one. I would lay anything and everything out that I thought could be required while I was away. Not because I thought Michael was incapable, I just thought it would be easier for him. Fast forward a couple of years and I started going away for work. I would kill myself prepping for the work and then getting everything ready for the boys (read:Michael). Let me say there was never any problems while I was away. Michael would send me pictures of them doing various things (in hideous clothes combinations)and just enjoying themselves. Slowly but surely I stopped organising them all. I realised that not only was Michael capable he was also happy to go with the flow. I learned pretty quickly that the world did not implode if they were left to their own devices.

Now with Fox added to the mix my control has pretty much been relinquished. If we are going somewhere nice I will insist that the boys wear their ‘good clothes’ but apart from that, what will be will be.

It isn’t the easiest thing to do but let go a little-your nerves will thank you for it xo



One comment

  1. oh this is a hard lesson to learn! if i don’t put the clothes out for the kids, when they return i am horrified to see what they are wearing, if i do put them out i feel like a control freak! my main problem is to try and not step in when they are fighting. say if i am on the computer and their dad is in the room with them, and it seems to go on and on… i tend to take over as i think his “discipline” isn’t working….. bad habit unfortunately!

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