Unexpected Bridal Bouquet!

I pushed myself all day yesterday to get the housework done. The rug I had ordered from Freedom had arrived and was awaiting collection. For some reason I decided that the rug should come to a tidy home not the bomb site we have been living in for the past couple of weeks. I tidied, cleaned, sorted, culled and threw out like a mad woman pausing only to pick up the boys from school and cook dinner. The rug arrived to a pristine (even vacuumed) home-success!

It really is ridiculous the things that make me happy! As I was finishing off the housework at around 8pm I got an email asking if it would be possible to make a Bridal bouquet at very short notice – as in this morning short notice. Seeing as I was all over the house cleaning I said yes. So, Fox and I headed off to the flower market after dropping the older boys at school.

It was rather chilly outside the fridge…inside was positively polar! This is what I came up with for the Bride…

I always seem to forget how much I like working with flowers until I am in the middle of a bouquet. I was really happy with how this one turned out! It was odd only making one bouquet-but so quick! The Mother of the Bride collected this beauty and headed to Mt Isa on a plane at 3.30pm. Her Daughter is getting married at the court house tomorrow and then having a reception party on the Gold Coast on Saturday which sounds just lovely!

So, best wishes and congratulations to a Bride I will never meet!

PS: I was super chuffed that my house was sparkling as the flowers were collected-this time all the work paid off!


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