Fox is 3 months old today! It feels like he has just arrived and then it feels like we have never been without him. A strange feeling. I must admit it has been ‘easier’ than I had been anticipating. I of course have had meltdowns and yelled a lot but on the whole the transition from a family of 5 to 6 has been quite smooth. We seem to be moving between event to event. We are off to a Christening, 30th & 40th tomorrow in Toowoomba which I am really looking forward to. I have been (very graciously) to do a ¬†reading at the Christening…must have a few more read throughs before I get up in front of everyone!

Our Wedding is getting closer every day and now most of the decisions have been made we need to implement them. Lists are my best friend! Having said that I cannot seem to keep on top of the day to day running of this house! I can run one section very well i.e.:the kitchen or the laundry but not more than one! I think I should stop thinking ‘it all has to be done’ to ‘I will just get this done today’.

The house around the corner has just come on the market and I won’t say I haven’t thought about looking into buying it. The boys wouldn’t have to change schools and we would remain in the same neighbourhood. We would get to still go to the park with the other Mums and kids on Tuesdays and Michaels parents would be about 5 houses away. On on hand the notion has it merit but on the other hand the thought of a new adventure is quite thrilling! No decision will be made until after the Wedding but I am most certainly still looking around. I just want us together as a family. That is my ultimate goal. To be cosy together and have friends over for meals, knit by the fireplace and make many many happy memories. Not a lot to ask really, is it??

I have had these pics on my desktop for the longest time and seeing as I work best in visuals it is pretty fitting….

This is the Novogratz holiday house. They are an amazing couple who renovate and sell (Mega successfully) while raising 7 children, kudos to them! I have to say the thought of 7 children doesn’t frighten me…

What about you, what do you want?


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