Feeling the squeeze

The house we live in is small, has very little useable yard, is unfenced  and has a garage that requires one car to be parked in front of the other. There is nothing wrong with this house. In fact, the location is superb and the neighbours are FANTASTIC. The issue is we have 4 little boys, 2 adults, 3 cars, 2 motorbikes and pushbikes and while we (well me anyway) constantly de-clutter the lack of space is starting to get to me. This is my paperwork corner

It shares space with Fox’s closet. I just keep piling it into bags to ‘get to later’! And here we have another paperwork area…

I’ll get to that later too! The three big boys share a room and let’s just say we don’t share the same idea of tidy…

I have no compulsion to live in a show home but more space would make storage easier. Oh and I know just because it is bigger it doesn’t’ mean it would be tidy all the time (and I am pretty sure my paperwork pile will still look the same). I think it is getting to me more because we have to move. So, I am spending quite a bit of time daydreaming about our next house (and how much storage it will have…) If only it were that easy though! We have to decide if we want to continue to rent or buy, if we choose buy-how big/small do we want our mortgage, where shall we look, are we prepared to change suburbs and the boys school…my head hurts! I am spending way too much time on realesate.com.au while Micheal is happy to ‘go with the flow’-which is contributing to my headache. He keeps telling me it will all work out…ah, yeah, it will because I will be organising it! I think I need a drink…


One comment

  1. ahhhh men, aren’t they adorable??? exactly how does he think it’s going to work itself out? is someone going to knock on your door and say excuse me, i heard you have a massive paperwork pile and need to move, come and live in my house….lol

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