Great weekend!

Most times, the unexpected events are the best.

Last Saturday saw my first job since having Fox. Bec & Dan are such a delightful couple and I was very happy to be involved in their Wedding Day.  They held their nuptials at the beautiful Branell Homestead just outside of Laidley. So, we decided to make a weekend of it and head to Mum & Dads for the night.

Unexpectedly My Brother Joel & his fiancé Christie visited and stayed for dinner-which was lovely! My other brothers (Shaun) Girlfriend arrived just in time for tea as well. My Michael and Shaunie turned up around 9 after going to see the Roar play in Brisbane.

It was so nice having everybody in the same house for a while. My boys love hanging out with their Uncles (and Aunts!) and Fox got plenty of cuddles from everybody. We are just like any other family…sometimes we fight and sometimes we get along swimmingly. I am glad to say Saturday night was the latter. Christie and I chatted Weddings ( We are both getting Married this year which is exciting!) and I got measured up for my Bridesmaid Dress for Joel & Christie…SUPER EXCITING! I cannot wait to be a Bridesmaid for them!!!

Sunday saw us all having lunch at Toowoombas newest dining location-sushi train! We spent a small fortune on many a plate-Judd ate the most-that kid will eat anything! Digby is a big fan of the spring rolls…

Today I have decided to spend entirely in my pyjamas…after crashing and burning yesterday for 4 hours of blissful unit erupted sleep before the drive home I think I deserve a go slow day!

Fox & Aunty Christie

Grandad & Nonna checking out the sushi

I scored two of these CUTE mini deck chairs at the Wooloongabba Antique Centre…

The BEST BEANIE EVER for Fox, thanks Christie & Joel!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!


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