Fox & I took our first outing to the grocery store yesterday…

It is rather chilly in the dairy section for a little bubba! We needed pasta so I grabbed both Gluten Free (for me) and regular for the rest of them. Let’s do a price comparison shall we?

500g of  plain old pasta chocked full of Gluten rings up at $0.59c and mine sans gluten $3.14. That is why when cooking a pasta dish I always cook mine separate-it is way to expensive to feed the whole family GF (Thankfully I am the only one who is coeliac).

Anwyay, on to nicer things….the new House & Garden + Country Style-with a bonus back edition! I already have the back edition so I am packaging it up for a friend who I know will appreciate it.

Fox decided that shopping was far too taxing-deciding on a nap at home after such a big day out!

It really is tough being 2 weeks old!



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