I LOVE Bottlefeeding*

*Please note this is MY opinion and MY opinion alone…

I really, really love it.

I love that I know how much milk Fox has had each time and if he is grizzling 20 minutes after a feed, I know that he ain’t hungry-something else is the culprit.

Years ago in my misspent youth I made the decision to have a breast reduction. BEST. DECISION. EVER. I remember sitting in the plastic surgeons office (with my Mum) and him going through all the risks of said surgery. One of the dot points was that there was a possibility my milk ducts could be cut-rendering my new boobies useless (for appearances only one might say). I was 18, having babies was not on my mind, certainly not in the near future anyway!

I also clearly remember thinking ‘Ok, well that is a shame but have you seen the size of my boobs? I DO NOT want them to get bigger when pregnant dude!’.

So, when I had my first baby in 2005, I tried to breastfeed. No go. Bottles and formula were bought, sterelising commenced. No fuss, no muss.

Some well-meaning mothers I knew at the time asked me if I was to go to have another baby would I seek the services of a lactation consultant. I would always politely reply-oh, that could be a good idea…

Jump to 2006 and the sonographer gave us the news that we were expecting two bambinos. After the shock (and some tears) I began mentally calculating how many bottles I would need to purchase! Not once did I entertain the idea of ‘seeking the services of a lactation consultant’. I set up a bottle station in the kitchen that consisted of a bucket for dirty bottles, bottle brush, dedicated detergent, microwave steriliser and a jug filled with pre-boiled water for said bottles. I was a well oiled machine on the bottle front! Also having two little bebes to feed with a 20 month old running around bottle feeding was heavenly! What wasn’t so heavenly was the Dr refusing to give me the tablet to dry up my milk instead instructing me to ‘not touch your breasts, don’t think about them and avoid letting your babies cry because that could cause let down-you will just stop producing milk naturally’. Yeah, nope-I can still make milk there is just now way for it to get out-which believe me is painful! the nurse that visited me at home gave me the opposite advice-even bringing a breast pump! She told me I needed to have at least 6 hot showers a day to help the milk stop being produced. Fun times people, fun times!

Then last year when we found out we were expecting a little Fox the mental calculation on bottles began again. I asked my obstetrician at my first appointment about the magical tablet I had heard about that ‘dries up the milk’. She wrote me up for it then and there-WINNER! The bottle station has been reinstated. Other people can feed Fox and then night feeds are shared with My Michael.

I am not sure that I would have made the decision to bottle feed if I was able to breastfeed. But seeing as the decision was made many years ago I have chosen to be cool with the outcome. I am not a worse mother than a breastfeeding mother-just saying. My babies have all been fed and are thriving. Really, isn’t that what it is all about? And to clarify further I think breastfeeding is AMAZEBALLS-quite honestly if you can do it how freakin awesome that we as Women are made to be completely independent with our children.

The breast vs. bottle argument tires me (as do a lot of ‘motherhood arguments’). Just be happy that people are feeding their babies.

Just to clarify…the one on the right is for Fox, the left is for me! I am such a light weight after being teetotal for 9 months…I need to acclimatise myself for my 30th Birthday weekend away!


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