I liked hospital but not that much!

Well, I wasn’t expecting to be back in hospital so soon (I hadn’t anticipated being there until next time we had a baby to be honest!). The Dr I saw sent us straight to the emergency dept, fun times. 

Turns out I have gone and gotten myself a case of cellulitis. Common, curable, painful!

I have to say though the pain of the cellulitis was NOTHING compared to the canula that the first nurse who saw me put in. It was excrutiating. I asked the Dr if I could have it moved from just above my right wrist to which she replied-not really (rubbish!) I then asked the next nurse and she said ‘oh, not really-I can try to put it in your left hand but no guarantees’. I don’t think I have EVER been in so much pain with her attempt. FAIL. I decided then to wait till I got to the ward to ask again…

Fast forward 4 hours and I could not stand it any longer. I had the shakes, my hands and feet were clammy and I could feel a slight panic attempt coming on. I pressed the buzzer and called the nurse. I even considered taking it out myself. A new nurse (the night nurse) arrived and I asked for more heavier pain relief for the canula not for my wound. She was shocked that it was hurting so much and said ‘Right, I will take that out straight away-there is no way it should be in if it is hurting even a little bit!’ 

I fell in love with her right then. 

She took it out and put another one in my left arm. After that I could sleep!

My Ob/Gyn came to see me at 9.30am, examined me and gave me the ok to come home. So, I am on antibiotics, pain relief and rest. I will be sending a thank you note to my night nurse ( I considered flowers too but with nurses you never know when they are on shift again so they could be dead before she returns…maybe some fancy pants chocolate?).

I missed my tribe while I was away for the night and to make matters worse the top I was wearing smelt like Fox which made me cry. Very glad to be home and sitting on my couch watching My Kitchen Rules I have to say. Thankyou to My Michael and his Mum for keeping the ship sailing in my absence!



One comment

  1. the nurses who wouldn’t take your canula out need sacking…. i know how much it hurts in your hand! sorry you had to go through all that!

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