More drugs please!

I am sick of sitting on the couch! I am off to the Dr today to find out why I am in still in so much pain after my c-section. Hopefully she can shed some light on the situation-and more drugs! It is a beautiful sunny day here today and I would love to be more mobile. I can walk around I just have to hang on to my stomach and go slow (somewhat resembling a 92 year old woman riddled with arthritis!).

I have a big list of things I want to do house wise. Craft, sewing, cooking and finishing Foxs room. Oh speaking of, I found this fabric I am thinking of using for curtains…

too much? There seem to be soooo many cute fox things around but I don’t want to go overboard. Although-while he can’t voice his opinion might just be the best time to go a little nuts…?


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