Fox makes four!

Today Fox is 8 days old. 8 days and I am well and truly HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE. I love the way he smells, the way he sleeps, the way he ‘smiles’ even the way he cries. I love hanging out with him while the older boys are at school and  (for now) I love being woken up by him for his nightly bottles.

While I love all my boys beyond measure this start feels different. I think with Digby (being my first) I was all out to sea learning how to be a Mama then having twins put me into a world of hazy days and nappy changes! Also there were other extremely stressful things going on in my life-it was very ‘noisy’.

I seem to have the luxury of time with Fox that I didn’t have before. I also feel extremely blessed to be going down this road with My Michael-the older boys and I are so very lucky to have him and Fox is one lucky fella to be added to the mix. Michael is completely smitten while maintaining his wonderful relationship with the older 3-he even took them shopping yesterday for new lunch boxes and was chuffed that he could buy them the same one he had as a kid. They all share a special bond that makes me teary.

Evenings are my favourite time at the moment. Fox sits in his car seat and watches the boys and I play board games while My Michael makes dinner. Then we all eat together before bedtime for the boys. Michael and I then get to sit and watch some TV together before retiring to be woken for the first of the night feeds. The mornings are nice too-I get to spend time with the older three while they make their breakfast and I make their lunch and Fox & Michael snooze.

Fox has not interrupted our family rhythm he has simply added another beat. It almost seems like he has always been here.

So I have decided (along with millions of others) to document the goings on around here. I know that some days will be glorious while others will be heinous. Let’s see how it goes!


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