Free dress

Yesterday was free dress day and this is how the three musketeers chose to rock it out…

They seem to love their coloured jeans-as do I because I know who’s who by colour alone-no looking at tags for this lady!
Last night we all went to see Mary Poppins. Fox went to a friends to hang while we all headed into the city. My Mum and Dad came along with Michaels parents-a real family affair (sans the newest member). Michael and I decided to brave the line at one of the cafes while Mum & Dad walked up to Southbank accompanied by the twins and Michaels parents stayed in the air-conditioning with Digby. 
We waited, ordered, sat and BAM before we knew it we were dining alone! Not bad for a couple with 3 big kids and a 9 day old-not to mention rare. 
The show was FANTASTIC! I am glad we took out a second mortgage for us all to go. Judd & Beau crashed before the end but Digby was bright eyed the whole way through-I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head when Mary ‘flew’ over the audience-actually it made me tear up seeing him so delighted. My favourite number was ‘Step in time’ the tap was spectacular-it made me miss my tap shoes (note to self drag said shoes out of bottom of wardrobe and use them!)
So after a rather eventful Friday and Fox having his own pity party from 1.30-3.30 this morning, breakfast at McDonalds a birthday party with the twins and multiple visitors this afternoon I am rather knackered and I have to get some sleep in before cheering Digby on at his first tennis tournament tomorrow-wish me luck!

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